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Sunil Rupasinha - Specialist Driving Offence Lawyer - Kent Traffic Law

Are you at risk of losing your driving licence?

Sunil Rupasinha is a specialist in advising and defending motorists facing prosecution for road traffic offences from speeding to drink driving and everything in between. Whether you wish to plead ‘not guilty’ and fight a charge or ‘guilty’ and admit it but seek to minimise the severity of the sentence imposed on you Sunil can help. If you want to obtain the best possible result in court then see our articles, videos and recommendations on the “Offences” menu above.

Sunil has 25 years experience of appearing in courts ranging from the Magistrates’ Courts to the Crown Courts, such as the Old Bailey itself, through to the Court of Appeal in the Strand.

Sunil or a colleague can appear for you anywhere in England or Wales. Call me for a no obligation chat on 01622 320 430.