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Speeding At 107mph:  Matthew Would Lose His Job If Banned.  Could A Driving Disqualification Be Averted?

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Matthew was worried as he had been caught speeding at 107mph.  He realised that there was a real risk that he would be disqualified from driving by a court for this offence.  Since passing his driving test aged 18 Matthew had usually found employment as a driver in one role or another.  Then, when he was old enough, he took his HGV test and passed.  He was then employed as an HGV driver mainly to transport plant and machinery.  His employer had paid for him to take a series of courses and Matthew was doing well in his new role.  Now he was at risk of losing it all through a moment of madness.  He rang Kent Traffic Law and asked what could be done.


Following that initial call Matthew decided to book a meeting.  During that meeting instructions were taken from Matthew concerning the offence itself, his work history, and about his background.  It became clear that loss of licence would be a savage blow and so Matthew was advised of steps to take in order to maximise his chance of avoiding a ban.  These steps included his employer providing a tailored reference for the court (with an outline of contents being suggested based upon Matthew’s instructions) and Matthew taking a short driving course (the particular course provider was recommended during the meeting based upon the facts of Matthew’s case).

The Day in Court

Several months elapsed before the day in court.  Lawyer and client met early in order to ensure that everything was in order and to resolve any last-minute queries.  Then Matthew’s case was called on first in the list.  Matthew’s mitigation was conveyed to the court as persuasively as possible.  In support the employer’s reference and the driving report were also handed in for the court to read.  The Magistrates considered the submissions before deciding that they would not disqualify Matthew!


Matthew was very pleased with the outcome.  He was kind enough to post an online review the same day including the following passage,

‘I met Sunil beforehand and he explained what would be happening in court and the case he would put forward. When we were in the court, Sunil was brilliant, he was extremely professional and put forward my case in a clear, confident manner. The outcome was so much better than I had expected. To my relief, I was given 6 points and a fine which meant that I wouldn’t lose my job.’

At Kent Traffic Law I alone deal with cases thereby providing continuity of advice and representation from start to finish.  I specialise exclusively in representing motorists.  I believe that this gives motorists in Matthew’s situation the best possible chance of avoiding a ban.

If you are in a similar situation to Matthew and would like to speak to me to seek to avoid a ban please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Request A Telephone Review (at no cost to you)

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