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Motoring Offence Specialists

Now Advising Motorists In London, the South East and Beyond…

Are you at risk of losing your driving licence?

At Kent Traffic Law we understand the devastation that loss of licence can cause with its effects on work and family life.  That is why we will look carefully into your case before recommending a course of action.  We can advise you on everything from how to respond to a Notice of Intended Prosecution to steps you may need to take to prepare for a ‘Not Guilty’ hearing.

The First Steps

Road traffic prosecutions involve complex law and procedure with which we are very familiar.  This means that once you place your case in our hands we will know what steps you should take.  The earlier you instruct us the sooner we can get to work on your case.  It is important when dealing with legal matters that you fully understand the implications of your course of action. For this reason we always recommend contacting us for initial advice before you take steps which could have legal implications that you may not fully understand.  Whether you face an allegation of speeding to drink driving, or anything in between, whether you wish to plead ‘Not Guilty’ and seek to avoid a conviction, or, ‘Guilty’, and seek to avoid a disqualification, we have the expertise to help to secure the best result that your circumstances will allow. 

How Should I Plead?

The decision as to how to plead is always yours but it is worth noting that whilst there is usually a way of challenging even the strongest of prosecution cases doing so is not always the most constructive way forward; contesting a case with only a slight chance of success could result in a harsher sentence and much higher legal fees.  We will ensure that you receive clear and cost-effective advice so that yours is an informed decision.

What Makes Kent Traffic Law Different?

Most solicitors’ firms deal with a range of specialisations.  At Kent Traffic Law we deal with only one area of work; defending motorists facing prosecution for road traffic offences.  You benefit from our experience and specialisation.  There are firms of solicitors which  also specialise in this field.  However, they often instruct non-specialist barristers to represent their clients in court who are sometimes switched at the last minute.  At Kent Traffic Law we never accept a court commitment and then switch barrister. Our procedure is simple; you meet with an expert for initial advice and, so long as availability is confirmed, the same expert attends court to represent you. You receive continuity in advice and representation thereby maximising your chance of obtaining the best result your circumstances will allow.

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