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New Driver – Speeding – Loss of license

The Google Review, copied below, sets out the detailed experience of one client of Kent Traffic Law


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Review left by Anthony


6 days ago

As a driver that was caught significantly speeding by an unmarked police car just months after getting my license, you can imagine the sickening feeling I got when seeing I’d be receiving 6 points (loss of license). This was worsened by the fact I require my license in order to work and would likely lose my job as a result.

Further speaking with friends, family and colleagues the general consensus was I was essentially fighting a losing battle and the court undoubtedly would rule against me. Although one friend of mine suggested I speak with Sunil, Kent Traffic Law, as he had represented him in the past and was very successful with his case.

I first contacted Sunil Via a phone call where we had a brief discussion about the process and what the next step would be.  During this Sunil was extremely clear and understanding.  Next step was to email over the charge sheets with the police report, and any other paperwork related.

We then had a face-to-face meeting where Sunil asked a series of questions to get a better understanding from my point of view. Towards the end of the meeting he answered all of my questions and told me what to expect and how to prepare for the next stages in the case.

Later down the line I received my court summons and told Sunil immediately so to ensure he was able to represent me on the day. As per usual he got back to me very quickly and arranged to represent me.

On the court day Sunil arrived early and went through what to expect and roughly how the day will go. From the start Sunil was confident, and the moment my trial started he understood exactly how to speak with the magistrates and the result reflected that.

As a result we came out with the best possible outcome for my situation, managing to keep my license, receiving 5 points and a fine, but no ban and ultimately because of Sunil I am able to keep my job and have a future in the automotive industry.

I cannot stress this enough. If you find yourself or anyone you may know in a motoring related offence no matter how big or small you must go with Kent Traffic Law to aim for the best possible result!  A big thanks from me and my family.


The above review is copied verbatim from that posted by Anthony a few days after his court hearing.  It describes the procedure adopted by Kent Traffic Law.  When clients call I usually personally speak to them and give them my initial and provisional reaction.  It is essential that I personally discuss the case with the client to ensure there are no misunderstandings.   If the client wishes to proceed we arrange to meet in person in order to discuss the case in detail.  Finally, I personally attend court to represent the client on the day.  (I do not arrange for other lawyers to attend as solicitors often do.  I only attend one court per day to ensure personal attendance.)  This is the process that I undertake to ensure that nothing is left to chance and the client obtains the best outcome his or her circumstances will allow.  I am pleased to say that Anthony avoided a disqualification or the endorsement of 6 penalty points (which, as a new driver, would have meant revocation of licence.)  The endorsement of only 5 points enabled him to continue with his chosen career.



If you are at risk of loss of licence through prosecution for a motoring offence there is no charge for an initial telephone review.

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