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Specialist Legal Advice For Motorists Facing Prosecution

Have you been charged with an offence under the Road Traffic Act?

Kent Traffic Law was set up to fight for the interests of motorists facing prosecution for road traffic offences. We can advise you and then represent you in court whether you wish to plead ‘Not Guilty’ and seek to avoid a conviction or ‘Guilty’ and seek to avoid a disqualification.

This practice does not do a bit of everything; Kent Traffic Law is a specialist, motoring offence practice and we will ensure that you obtain the best result your circumstances will allow.


We will have an initial discussion (probably on the phone) when you can explain your situation.  We don’t give formal legal advice during the first telephone call as, with legal matters, all relevant detail must be understood to give formal advice.  However, we can give provisional guidance based upon what you have told us.  The initial discussion is free and without obligation on your part.  If you decide to employ us the terms of our engagement will be set out in writing.

We would then ‘meet’ to discuss the allegation in detail in advance of any court hearing so that all necessary preparatory steps can be taken.  You will be advised of the merits of your case.  The decision as to how to plead is always yours but it is worth noting that whilst there is usually a way of challenging even the strongest of prosecution cases doing so is not always the most constructive way forward; contesting a case with only a slight chance of success could result in a harsher sentence and much higher legal fees.  We will ensure that you receive clear and cost-effective advice so that yours is an informed decision.  Whether you wish to plead, ‘Guilty’ and seek to minimise the severity of the sentence, or, ‘Not Guilty’, and defend an allegation at trial, we will use our experience to obtain the best result that your circumstances will allow.


If one of your drivers is disqualified from driving how much will this cost your business?  I understand the investment in time and training made in employees.  If your employee’s ability to do his or her job is dependent on the ability to drive the engagement of expert legal representation may well turn out to be a shrewd investment.

Fees / Payment Plans

It is not possible to set out a scale of fees as even the simplest case can turn out to be legally complex and, what may appear to the layman to be complex, could turn out to be straightforward to a motor offence barrister.  We will assess your case during our initial telephone conversation. Based upon the time we would expect your case to take we will then quote to you fixed fees for your case as a whole.  You will know the maximum your case is likely to cost from the outset.  Most clients elect to pay by online bank transfers.  However, we also accept credit card payments made through PayPal.

Motoring Offences

We can represent you if you face any of the following:
  • Speeding
  • Drink driving
  • No insurance / license
  • Totting up & exceptional hardship arguments
  • Failure to provide a specimen for analysis
  • Failure to provide a specimen
  • Failure to notify the driver
  • Failure to stop/ Report an accident
  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Driving while disqualified
  • Careless Driving
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Notices of intended prosecution
  • Special reasons argument (Spiked Drinks, Shortness of Distance)
  • Appeals against conviction or sentence

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