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New Drivers and Penalty Points – A Case Study

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Anyone who has 6 or more penalty points endorsed on his or her driving licence for offences committed within 2 years of passing the driving test faces immediate and automatic revocation of licence. This means that both the theory and practical tests have to be re-taken. For many this can be a disaster leading to enormous difficulty including loss of job. (This is to be distinguished from a penalty points disqualification when a motorist can expect to be disqualified for 6 months.)

Penalty Points Disqualification

Penalty Points Disqualifications – A Case Study

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How Alvinne saved both her driving licence (and her livelihood)

The Issue
Any motorist whose driving licence is endorsed with 12 or more penalty points for offences committed within 3 years of each other faces a minimum 6 month penalty points disqualification. This is a catastrophe for many motorists who depend upon their licences to earn a living. This was also the case for Alvinne, an intravenous nurse, who was employed to treat patients in their own homes. But, to travel to patients’ addresses she needed her driving licence.

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New Driver caught Driving without Due Care and Attention

Jake was accused of driving without due care and attention. He admitted overtaking a van on his way to work one day and crashing head-on with an oncoming vehicle which was in its correct lane. The emergency services attended and both drivers were taken to hospital. The other driver was badly injured although Jake was fortunate to escape with minor injuries.

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New Drivers Be Wary of Penalty Points

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The Law provides that if a ‘new’ driver has 6 or more penalty points endorsed i.e. within 24 months of passing the test that the licence will be automatically revoked by the DVLA. …

Single Justice Procedure Notice

Caught on a Mobile Phone?

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The police stopped Charlie Ritcher in central London and accused him of using his mobile phone whilst driving. (This was an allegation of using the phone to have a conversation as opposed to using it as a sat nav). 

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Caught on the Mobile?

This is a case study of a client who was accused of using his phone by the police. It explains the care and preparation involved in securing his acquittal.

Speeding and Careless Driving

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How getting the right advice on how to plead and present his case saved this man’s driving licence.

Failure To Provide a Specimen

This offence can be considered as worse than taking and providing a positive sample as it involves trying to obstruct an investigation. See how this client made a lucky escape.

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Can Pleading Guilty To Speeding Reduce The Penalty?

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Sometimes fear of the penalty ie risk of loss of licence tempts people to plead ‘Not Guilty’ when they don’t stand a real chance of winning the case whereas an early ‘guilty’ plea and carefully crafted mitigation can sometimes save the day. Read how.