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Single Justice Procedure Notice
The Single Justice Procedure A single justice procedure notice is a notice which is sent by post under a relatively
notice of intended prosecution
Have you received a Notice of Intended Prosecution? If you have received a notice of intended prosecution you may be
12 penalty points Totting Up
Did you realise it may not be inevitable for you to lose your licence even with 12 penalty points? You
Kent Traffic Law - Motor offence specialists speeding at 127mph
Speeding at 127mph, surely this Defendant would lose his licence? Recently I advised a client who had been clocked Speeding
 Edit with Elementor  Edit with Elementor From Speed Camera to Notice of Intended Prosecution Oh no! You notice the dreaded
Introduction You have been charged with Drink Driving and are fearful of what will happen next.  What should you do?
How do I avoid Disqualification? I have 12, or more, penalty points.  To avoid a ban I must prove ‘Exceptional
Introduction Grace contacted me concerned that she risked loss of driving licence:  she had been stopped by the police driving
Introduction Motorists know that the consequences of conviction can be severe ranging from an immediate prison sentence, for the most
Introduction Speeding is the most common of motoring offences.  With the roll out of speed cameras across the country it
Introduction Reece lived in a converted camper van.  He would travel around the country to wherever his work took him. 
Introduction When a motorist has 12 or more penalty points endorsed for offences committed within 3 years of each other
Introduction All motorists are at risk of loss of licence if they accumulate too many penalty points.  As soon as
Are you at risk of losing your driving licence due to a Penalty Points Disqualification? All motorists are, potentially, at
Introduction Linda had never been in trouble with the police in her life and she had a clean driving licence. 
Introduction Matthew was worried as he had been caught speeding at 107mph.  He realised that there was a real risk
Introduction It is every motorist’s nightmare to be charged with drink driving.  The whole process may start with no more
Introduction Speeding is perhaps the most common of motoring offences.  It can be dealt with by way of a speed
man getting arrested by car
Introduction If you have been charged by the police with a drink or drug driving offence you will have been
Introduction Nathan first contacted me when he was facing two allegations of using a mobile phone when driving.  He already
Introduction - Sentences The sting of a speeding accusation often comes with the threat of disqualification or the feared addition
The Google Review, copied below, sets out the detailed experience of one client of Kent Traffic Law Anthony Reviewer stats2
Introduction These notices are intended to reduce the need for Defendants to attend court by enabling motorists to convey essential
Introduction Tolo had been required to attend court for consideration of a penalty points disqualification.  Like so many other motorists
Introduction Every week numerous motorists receive unwelcome news in the post ie that the police are considering prosecuting them for
Introduction - Penalties Conviction for speeding results either in an immediate disqualification from driving or the endorsement of between 3-6
Introduction Marko is an HGV qualified driver who drives for a living.  One day he was off work and was
The Case Mohammed has been working as a TFL cab driver for over 10 years. One day he was parked
Introduction The sentencing power of the court ranges from disqualification from driving to endorsing your record with penalty points. The
Sunil Rupasinha of Kent Traffic Law was invited live onto the show to give his expert opinion as to how
Introduction When motorists have 12 or more penalty points endorsed on their driving licences, for offences committed within 3 years
Is there a margin of tolerance within which motorists can exceed speed limits and yet expect to avoid prosecution? The
Introduction Jeff had two recent speeding convictions which had resulted in 6 and then a further 3 penalty points being
Introduction Adam had 9 penalty points endorsed on his driving record and had been caught speeding at 70 mph in
Introduction Jamie had been caught speeding at 101 mph and had now received a Single Justice Procedure Notice.  At that
You’ve been charged with drink driving and been given a court date. What should you do now? Don’t panic. Yes,
sunil on phone
The law on mobile phones (and other data transmission devices) has changed with effect from 25.3.22. Sunil Rupasinha featured live
female on phone whilst driving
From when is the new law in force? The new law applies from 25.3.22. Offences committed prior to this date
motorway traffic camera
Introduction This is one sanction that is feared by a large proportion of motorists. It comes into play whenever a
Drink Drive
Introduction Motorists often ask how much can one drink without exceeding the legal limit.  The answer varies from person to
speeding camera sign
How should you plead? You’re accused of speeding at well above the limit. You’ve the choice to admit or deny
thinking pose
We constantly receive enquiries from people who have already pleaded, or intend to plead, ‘Not Guilty’. Not infrequently a short
Introduction If the matter you face can be dealt with by the endorsement of penalty points and a fine without
new driver
The New Drivers’ Law New Drivers are obliged to serve a period of probation which lasts 2 years from the
Sunil Rupasinha
On Monday 6th September, 2021, the programme featured a discussion about speed limits, their enforcement and whether the penalties are
speeding summons
I have been caught speeding. What can I expect? Suppose you have been caught red-handed at the wheel of a
driving through a red light
The Allegation Khurram, was accused of going through a red light. His accuser was a police officer who had been
Motoring Offence Prosecutions
An official looking Notice has arrived in the post. You are really busy and the allegation looks to be relatively
drink driving
You have been accused of drink driving. What should you do next? The unthinkable has happened; you consider yourself a
top tips
Understand the Charge Many drivers don’t take enough care to understand the charge. For example, motorists often confuse Drink Driving
new driver caught speeding
The Problem Faye had been caught speeding at 94mph in a 50 mph limit. She expected to be disqualified from
What should you do next? A surprisingly large number of people put their heads in the sand hoping it will
legal balance
How should you choose the driving offence solicitor to represent you? You have just found out that you are being
driving without insurance
The Law in Practice Driving without insurance is a strict liability offence. This means that one can commit the offence
drink driving offences
Should you Admit or Deny the offence? You are being investigated by the police for drink driving. You face loss
One day Nikki took the children to the shops in the family car which was registered in her partner’s name
Edward received a Notice of Intended Prosecution advising him that consideration was being given to prosecuting the driver of a
police interview
If you are being investigated for a motoring offence, anything from a drink drive related allegation to one of failing
totting up
The Rule It is the law that anyone who accumulates 12 or more relevant penalty points on their driving licence
drink driver
Drink or Drug Driving is never worth it. Sometimes you, or other innocent people, could be seriously injured (or worse).
new driver
Anyone who has 6 or more penalty points endorsed on his or her driving licence for offences committed within 2
Penalty Points Disqualification
How Alvinne saved both her driving licence (and her livelihood) The Issue Any motorist whose driving licence is endorsed with
new driver
Jake was accused of driving without due care and attention. He admitted overtaking a van on his way to work
new drivers
The Law provides that if a ‘new’ driver has 6 or more penalty points endorsed i.e. within 24 months of
All those who have 12 penalty points endorsed on their driving licences for offences committed within 3 years of each
phone whilst driving
This article sets out what you can and cannot do with a mobile phone when you are driving. Did you
totting up
All you need to know about Penalty Points Disqualifications and how they can be avoided.
Everything you must know before you choose the solicitors' firm to represent you.
Single Justice Procedure Notice
The police stopped Charlie Ritcher in central London and accused him of using his mobile phone whilst driving. (This was
This deals with the most important things you must know before you complete the Notice.
Using a mobile phone while driving
Jim had been seen using a mobile phone by a police officer when he was stationary at traffic lights....Read this to
This article discusses how this offence is committed and the defences to the allegation.
It is a troubling thought that prosecution for a single motoring offence can result in disqualification from driving. Even something
This article explains how you can fill out the Notice if you have been accused of speeding.
David received a Notice of Intended Prosecution advising him that consideration was being given to prosecuting him for Dangerous Driving,
This is a case study of a client who managed to avoid a disqualification in court despite speeding far in
Fiona Onasanya speeding conviction
Did you know that misleading the police as to who was driving your car could lead to you being prosecuted
Cell phone, mobile, driving using a phone,
This is a case study of a client who was accused of using his phone by the police. It explains
How getting the right advice on how to plead and present his case saved this man's driving licence.
This offence can be considered as worse than taking and providing a positive sample as it involves trying to obstruct
speeding summons guilty plea reduced my penalty
Sometimes fear of the penalty ie risk of loss of licence tempts people to plead 'Not Guilty' when they don't
Man Thinking on how to Respond to A Notice of Intended Prosecution
This article explains the pitfalls you face when completing such a Notice.
A case of fixed penalty tickets and a well constructed exceptional hardship argument David had received 3 fixed penalty tickets
This case study explains how this client avoided a 6 month ban thereby saving his business in the process.
Section 172 Notice Legal Advice
Section 172 Notice Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act, 1988, gives the police the power to serve a Notice
Motoring defence barrister Sunil Rupasinha
Dominic King interviews our Motoring Offence Barrister on BBC Radio Kent's Drivetime programme.
driving without insurance special reasons cases
The Penalty for driving without insurance If you are convicted of this offence you can be sentenced by way of
Drink Driving Kent Traffic Law
This blog explains just how severe the penalties for Drink Driving can be.
driving without due care and attention
What is the trial procedure if you accused of driving without due care and attention? How to avoid conviction. Firstly
company car driving without insurance
This article explains the 'employment' defence to allegations of driving without insurance.
Legal Problem Boutique legal practice or national law firm
This article explains which factors you should take into account when choosing a lawyer to Advise and Represent you.
Drinking and Driving Specialist Motor Offences Lawyer
Drinking and driving, why you shouldn’t have ‘one more for the road’… For anyone convicted of drinking and driving the
notice of intention to prosecute
If you have received a notice requiring you to provide details of the driver you could be in a quandary. 
What are ‘special reasons’ and when do they apply? From time to time and in certain situations a driver at
totting up ban
Did you know that you can apply for the early return of your licence following a disqualification?  If you have
motoring offence Solicitor or Barrister
This is a relatively recent choice available to clients explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Road traffic offence success rates
Consider 'success rates' claims very carefully. Do they conceal more than they reveal?
Motoring defence barrister Sunil Rupasinha
This interview was wide-ranging covering such disparate topics as parking applications to nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula! A Telephone
Christmas Party motoring conviction
How much is your driving licence worth to you? Can you put a value on it?
careless driving
You are probably ‘Guilty’ of careless driving more often than you realise Definition: S3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 creates
Caught speeding and more than 100mph
If you are at risk of losing your driving licence for speeding you should read this before you go to
drink driving
Road Traffic Offences and Instructing a Specialist Lawyer There are road traffic offences in which there is no need to
motoring offence drug driving law
This article explains the law on drug driving and how easily you could be caught out even with prescription drugs!