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Kent Traffic Law – Specialist Legal Advice For Motorists

Have you have been charged with a motoring offence? Are you are at risk of losing your driving licence or maybe facing a more severe penalty? If so you should seek specialist legal advice. In our experience what may appear to be a foregone conclusion need not necessarily be the case. Contact us today and we will give you a clearer idea of what outcome you can expect and how we can help.

Who We Are

Kent Traffic Law has been set up by Sunil Rupasinha, a barrister. He is a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.  His practice is regulated by the Bar Standards Board and he is bound by the Code of Conduct for barristers.  He has full professional insurance and is qualified to practice on a ‘direct’ or ‘public access’ basis. You might not have realised that the public (or businesses) can now, under new rules, directly engage barristers (instead of instructing a solicitor to engage one for you); there is no longer any requirement obliging you to use a solicitor first or at all. You can directly engage a barrister’s expertise yourself and save the fees you would otherwise have spent on a solicitor!

Photo of Sunil

Sunil Rupasinha


Sunil practised from Chambers in London for 25 years.  As a junior barrister he would regularly appear on behalf of members of the AA who were being prosecuted for driving offences.  Saving driving licences (and consequently careers and livelihoods) became second nature to him.  Since then he has appeared in criminal cases from common assault to murder (and everything in between).  He has prosecuted and defended in the full range of trial courts from the humble Magistrates’ Courts to the Old Bailey itself.   In fact, he was quickly promoted to list ‘A’ counsel on the Attorney General’s list of advocates (reserved for only the best barristers on the list).  He has now decided to use his considerable experience for the benefit of the motorist by setting up a boutique, road traffic defence practice, Kent Traffic Law.

Photo of Bernard

Bernard Devlin


I am very grateful to Mr Devlin for agreeing to act as a consultant to Chambers. He is a very experienced and able advocate. In the unlikely event that I am unable to act for you, for example, because of a previous court commitment, Mr Devlin has kindly offered to deputise if available. Alternatively, I will use my extensive experience of both the London and local Bar to assist you in choosing another advocate, if you so wish.

Photo of Sue

Sue Rupasinha

Head of Administration

Every practice needs someone in the background dealing with administrative tasks who will ensure that the smooth running of the business goes undisturbed: meet Sue.  She ensures that your motor offence barrister is completely free to focus on advising and representing you by dealing with all non-legal work herself.


Mobile Phone Use
“…I could not have asked for better representation. Sunil’s service and advice on my road traffic matter have enabled me to continue my business as a mobile motor mechanic.
Henry Combe
Driving without due care
“ I was accused of driving without due care and attention, failing to stop and failing to report. I was acquitted of without due care and attention in the magistrates’ court and appealed my conviction of FTS and FTR (to the Crown Court). Sunil’s advocacy throughout was brilliant and without it, I would have been convicted.
Surpan Gill
Drink Driving
“….I pleaded ‘guilty’ to causing a crash whilst 3 times over the drink-drive limit. I then made off from the scene. Sunil was superb throughout and his skilful mitigation meant that I avoided a sentence of immediate imprisonment. I am very grateful that we have a system where we can instruct barristers as able as he is”
Client Comment

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