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I am specialist driving offence lawyer with many years experience in advising and defending motorists who are at risk of losing their driving licence. If you need a specialist motoring defence lawyer whether you have been charged with speeding, careless driving, use of a mobile device or drink driving, as a specialist motoring defence lawyer I can assist and advise you.

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Have you been charged with a motoring offence? Are you at risk of losing your driving licence? Would you like to find out if your licence can be saved?

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We Specialise in The Full Range of Motoring Offences

Drink/Drug Driving

Failure to Provide a Specimen

Special reasons arguments

(spiked drinks, shortness of distance etc)


Careless Driving

Failure to stop/ Report an accident

No Insurance/No Licence

Failure to notify the driver

Notices of intended prosecution

Appeals against conviction or sentence

Driving while disqualified

Using a mobile phone while driving

Dangerous Driving

Penalty Points Disqualifications

Exceptional Hardship

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Using A Mobile

It has been illegal to use a hand-held mobile device or phone while driving since December 2003. Remember if you’ve stopped in a queue of traffic, at lights or in congestion you’re still driving even if your vehicle has automatic stop-start and the engine has cut out briefly. If you are worried that there is a risk that you will lose your driving licence as the result of using a mobile whilst driving then contact us today.  We have dealt with many cases of this kind and can help you.

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The only vehicles that speed limits do not apply to are those used for fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes while responding to an emergency. For everyone else, speed limits are a maximum not a target, and a lower speed may be more appropriate depending on the road layout, traffic and weather conditions. If you have received a notice of intention to prosecute and there is the possibility that you will lose your driving licence contact us today.

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Have you been found guilty of a motoring offence? Do you feel you Were you sentenced unfairly?  Are you aware that if you are wrongly convicted or sentenced too harshly you can exercise your right to appeal against your conviction and/or sentence to a higher court?  If that is the case contact us for a free no obligation chat. We have extensive experience representing people on appeal and welcome the opportunity of discussing your case with you.

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Drink Driving

The law states that it is an offence to drive, attempt to drive, or be in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or public place if the level of alcohol in your breath, blood or urine exceeds the prescribed limit. For more information about blood alcohol levels click here. If you have been charged with a drink driving related offence we can help you to get the best outcome. For more information contact us today.

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Careless Driving

You’re guilty of careless driving if you drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place without due care and attention. This means that the way you drive falls below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver (even momentarily). You also commit an offence if you drive without reasonable consideration for others.  You could be required to attend court.  If so we can help you.

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Drug Driving

In 2015 drug driving laws were introduced in England & Wales which set ‘Zero tolerance’ limits for 8 illegal drugs and ‘Risk based’ limits for 8 common prescription drugs. The police only need to obtain a blood sample and show that any of the 16 drugs are present above the limit specified. They can also use a roadside ‘drugalyser’ to test for cannabis and cocaine.  If you need  help contact us now.

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