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Need to save your driving licence?


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Saving Your Driving Licence

Are you at risk of losing your driving licence? Engage us and you get:

• an experienced motoring offence barrister representing you (we are the ones who advise solicitors)

• an expert in saving driving licences • you deal only with the same barrister from start to finish (not any other lawyer or paralegal)

• so you get the best chance of avoiding a conviction or a ban.

We understand the devastation that loss of licence can cause with its effects on work and family life and regularly represent drivers facing the motoring offences listed below.

notice of intended prosecution

Drink/Drug Driving

Failure to Provide a Specimen

Special reasons arguments

(spiked drinks, shortness of distance etc)


Careless Driving

Failure to stop/ Report an accident

No Insurance/No Licence

Failure to notify the driver

Notices of intended prosecution

Appeals against conviction or sentence

Driving while disqualified

Cell phone, mobile, driving using a phone,

Using a mobile phone while driving

Dangerous Driving

Penalty Points Disqualifications

Exceptional Hardship